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Carbon could become a ‘new CSG driver’

Carbon and alternate energy projects are showing signs of becoming a ‘new coal seam gas’ in terms of influencing rural property values, a Brisbane industry audience heard this morning.

The topic arose during question time at valuer, Herron Todd White’s annual property breakfast held simultaneously in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Colliers’ Rawdon Briggs asked whether there was a view within HTW with regard to values for properties with a baseline cash-flow from carbon or renewable energy projects, or gas–providing income regardless of commodity price movements.

“One of the influences which continues to drive the property market is the different biases of capital,” HTW’s Tim Lane told the gathering.

“Given the interest in environmental and social governance, carbon space investment and alternate energy, we are increasingly fielding inquiries from people looking for property assets with these features or potential – either for alternative use to traditional agriculture or simply as a diversity of income beyond agriculture production,” he said.

Whether it be solar or wind farms in southern Australia, or energy/carbon projects on big areas such as the Darling Downs, this demand was driving some of the recent land value shifts that have been seen, Mr Lane said.

“They can afford to pay the dollars they can, because of the combined blend of cash flows (from traditional agriculture plus the potential carbon or alternate energy annuity).



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