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Recognition of the Slowing Global Economy

John Hansen and the team at Morgans talk about the slowing global economy.

  • The rapid escalation of Central Bank interest rate hike expectations (that we pointed out in our May volatility call) has changed our investment strategy to cautious market positioning across our favoured asset classes.

  • Capital protection and yield form a more significant strategy consideration in the near term.

  • Interest rates rise, economic growth slows, business profit growth slows, P/E ratios contract, and share markets fall as we move through this part of the cycle.

  • This adjustment period will not last forever, and new opportunities will open up in 2023 (we will cover this in our next video release).

  • Our model portfolios seek to expose you to best-of-breed companies capable of thriving in any environment.  We expect these businesses to bounce back strongly as soon as markets get a clue that this adjustment period is coming to a close.



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