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RBA Rapid Rate Hike

Will Douglas and the team at Morgans provide their current insights on rapid rate hike action.

  • RBA Timeline of interest rate expectations - Oct 2021 rates to be 0.1% until 2024; May 2022 rates to be 3.35% by Dec 2022 (Morgans estimate)

  • May 2022 - RBA announces the largest quarterly increase in inflation at any time in the 30 year series!

  • The headline and core inflation are not expected to peak the Dec 2022 quarter.

  • Where did this shock inflation come from?

  • Has the RBA lost credibility?

  • Bond market crash - as the adage goes, 'when the Bond market coughs, the share market catches a cold!

  • Shock inflation and rapid rate rises are the cause of the recent market volatility.



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