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Investing in Bonds

Will Hickson and the team at Morgans talk about investing in bonds.

We excluded Bonds from our portfolios in recent years due to a poor risk/reward outlook.

That risk/reward equation has now changed in the investor's favour.

Notes and shares will be less supported by Central Banks, Governments, and the economy in 2023; indeed, all three may provide a headwind to investment markets.

  • Our market observations confirm slowing global growth

  • We predict a recession in the US and walk through some of the indicators

  • We present graphical demonstrations of the defensive nature of Bonds during slowing growth periods and in crises like Covid

  • Our Economist Michael Knox models fair value in Bonds

  • Bonds provide recession insurance, tail risk insurance, regular stable income, AAA-rated capital security

  • We would implement a 3 phase investment strategy in Bonds, namely now, in Feb/Mar, and potentially in June/July

  • We discuss why notes could be the funding source for your Bond purchases



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