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Fuel tax credit rate changes

Important for all businesses that lodge a BAS, the temporary reduction of fuel excise duty ended on 28 September. From 29 September, the fuel tax credit rates have changed, and multiple rates may apply to your BAS, which is due in October 2022. You must apply the rate on the date the fuel was acquired.

From 29 September 2022:

  • Increased fuel tax credit rates apply. You must only use this increased rate to fuel acquired from this date.

  • You can usually claim fuel tax credits if you're an eligible business that uses fuel in heavy vehicles for travelling on public roads. However, you cannot claim between 30 March to 28 September 2022. This is because the road user charge exceeds the excise duty you'll pay, which reduces the fuel tax credit rate to nil.

What you need to do When you're calculating fuel tax credits on your BAS, remember:

  • The easiest way to apply the correct rate is to use the ATO fuel tax credit calculator every time you make a claim

  • Always keep accurate records to support your claims. Your records need to show the type, date, and quantity of fuel acquired for business activities. Click here for more details

  • If you've used the wrong rates in a previous BAS, you can correct them on the next.

Click below for full details on the current fuel tax credit rates and what you need to do.

If you need assistance or have questions, please call WLW Group on 1300 937 724 or book a meeting.



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