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Australian Farm Values 2023

Australian farmland values maintained strong growth momentum in 2022 as the national median price per hectare increased by 20 per cent to $8,506 per hectare. This meant that growth kept pace with the prior year, which also recorded a 20% rise.

That’s why Rural Bank has produced the Australian Farmland Values 2023 report. Now in its eighth edition, this annual report is the longest-running analysis of the farmland market in Australia. Drawing on data from all farmland transactions larger than 30 hectares, this analysis provides detailed market information from a national to a local level.

Australian farmland values maintained their strong growth momentum in 2022 as tightened supply offset the emergence of several market headwinds. With these headwinds continuing, we could see the manifestation of an inflection point that finally slows the growth in values.

As a significant asset in any farming business, the value of farmland is critical to Australia’s farmers and the agricultural industry. In times such as these of unprecedented growth in values, it is vital to understand how the farmland market has performed and its direction.

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Farmland values 2023
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