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Australian agriculture mid-year outlook

Rural Bank's Australian agriculture 2022 mid-year outlook provides an in-depth perspective on supply, demand, and price outlooks for Australia’s major agricultural commodities. By analysing historical trends and considering future scenarios, the mid-year outlook presents a detailed view on what lies ahead for Australian farmers in the second half of 2022. Australian agriculture has continued to thrive during the first half of 2022 despite a challenging and volatile global environment, with a strong second half of the year anticipated for the industry.

Cattle Australian beef production to rise, restocker demand to remain strong, and cattle prices to be softer.

Horticulture Strong production is expected to be met by rising costs for producers. Rising prices may also weigh on domestic demand.

Cropping Above-average production, strong export demand and high global prices will provide a continued positive outlook for cropping.

Sheep Sheep producers remain well-positioned to increase production and capitalise on strong global demand.

Dairy Higher farmgate milk prices and limited global supply will improve the dairy industry's overall outlook.

Wool Australian wool producers are positioned to have increased wool supply and stable prices.

Download the full report below:

Australian agriculture 2022 mid year outlook
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